Character Generation and House Rules

Character Generation and House Rules

Campaign Details

Campaign starts five years after the apocalypse, in June of 2017.

Generating PCs

Starting characters will be 3rd level. Most characters attained their first level before the apocalypse and their second and third afterwards.

All character options from d20 Modern are allowed as well as those from d20 Apocalypse.

A few options from d20 Future and Urban Arcana will be allowed as well(see below). Psionic options are available. All characters have psionic ability though for most of you it may be latent.

Ability Scores Characters will be built with a 28 point Point-buy system. Please build your characters with an eye towards a specific advanced class, as they will be available at 4th level.

Starting Wealth 50 + ( W * 2 ) = Initial Trade Units(TU). W equals wealth bonus from occupation.

Allowed Character Options
d20 Modern: All
d20 Arcana: All Psionics Material
d20 Apocalypse: All
d20 Future:

  • Occupation: Scavenger (A character with this occupation must be no older than 21 at the start of the campaign.)
  • Feats: [Basic Hero Type] Plus, Action Boost, Mastercrafter, Jack of All Trades, and Ultra Immune System.
  • Advanced Classes: Engineer, Explorer, Helix Warrior, and Xenophile.


  • Hit Points: “Above Average” HP per HD.
  • Feat: Expert Scrounger (d20 Apocalypse, pg 59) only requires 6 ranks in Search, instead of 8.

Character Generation and House Rules

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