They Came from Beyond

Prolouge: Part 1
Dreams of Armageddon

In the months leading up to our planet’s invasion, people for all over the world shared dreams of startling similarity.

You cannot move. And yet, you float, float through a cold, dark vacuum. Time is meaningless; you’ve floated for eons. But soon that will end. You send your mind out, flashing though the void and find it, closer than it’s ever been. Cradled in your mind it feels like a ball of squirming thoogah. You flush with anticipation. No. Not anticipation. Hunger.

It is a clear summer day, beautiful and warm. The sun’s heat is kept in check by a cooling breeze. Perhaps later it will rain. You hear the excited murmurings of others and follow their pointing fingers to look into the sky. Shading your eyes against the sun’s midday glare, you see them. Balls of fire streaking towards the ground. A distant rumbling meets your ears, the sound the fireballs make as they break the sound barrier. Gulping air, you begin a shout but the burning objects rip through the tower high rises of the city and into the ground. A wave of pressure picks you up, your lungs bursting in you chest. And as you lose consciousness, a second wave, this one of fire, turns you to ash.

You peer out through your own eyes, like a prisoner peering out between the bars of his cell. Your body moves, trudging forward mechanically, heeding orders your brain cannot process. You push a shopping cart, loaded with food your body has gathered for a grocery store. Before you the back of another; like you, a prisoner in his own head. Before him, another and another. Behind you a line of carts and people stretching a mile or more. You cannot turn to look, your body has not been ordered to do so and it no longer follows your commands. But you can feel them, the caged minds of your fellow prisoners. And they are screaming, they are all screaming.

1st Session: Character Generation
Campaign Date: n/a

-Lore (“Zombies”):
-“Zombies” that are removed from the mind-control zone attempt to escape.
-When restrained, they will even hurt themselves trying to escape.
-After 2-3 days the “zombie” will, most commonly, fall into a coma and never wake up.
-Less commonly, they fly into a murderous rage or into a suicidal rage.

2nd Session: 1st Scavenging Assignment
Campaign Dates: 2017-06-17 to 2017-06-23

770 xp each

  • Campaign Date: 2017-06-17
  • The group is a part of Gainesville citizens who are known to be immune to the ZZ (Zombie Zones).
    • We are part of about five different Scavs (Scavenging Groups).
    • We’re one of the two teams that go to Jacksonville.
      • We have the south side of Jacksonville.
    • Scav groups have to meet a quota of 60 TU of goods, per person, to be given to the town per month.
      • In return we are supplied with housing, food, water, and access to electricity.
  • The treaty with Ocala states that Gainesville gets Jacksonville and Ocala gets Orlando.
    • Ocala is simply a massive & organized group of raiders.
  • Curt Harbaugh is the Scavenger Group Lead.
    • He operates out of the Hub, on UF Campus
  • Bob Flinders head’s the other Jacksonville scav team.

1st Assignment: Industrial Capacity Water Pump

  • 120 TU, minus 20 TU for initial gas = 100 TU payment.
  • Buccaneer Bay, in Weeki Wachee has the type of pumps that we need.
    • Bring back one pump, in the best shape.
    • 20 gal of gas allotment
    • Hoist installed in Cherry
    • Take US-19 down to Weeki Wachee
  • Bob Flinders Info:
    • Gators in Weeki Wachee
    • Palatka had some people strung up, with “Die, Zombie, Die”.
  • The plan is to travel and hunt for food, with the non-hunters scavenging while the hunters are out.

Day 1, 06-17:

  • Travel for 8 hours, then hunt/scavenge for 8 hours. Arrive in Williston.
    • Scavenge: 2000 sq. ft. Fire Station: (Total 10 TU Found)
      • Undamaged, Lightly Scavenged: Move normally.
      • Rolls: Take 20 (all sq. ft.)
      • Loot:
        • Gasoline x1 (1 TU)
        • Medicine, Mild (1 TU)
        • Medicine, Moderate (3 TU)
        • Mechanical Parts x5 (5 TU)
    • Scavenge: 9000 sq. ft. Factory: (Total 23 TU Found)
      • Minor Damage, Lightly Scavenged: Move at 1/2 speed.
      • Rolls: 27, 29, 33, 33 (4000 sq. ft.)
      • Loot:
        • Gasoline x6 (6 TU)
        • Electrical Parts x8 (8 TU)
        • Mechanical Parts x9 (9 TU)
  • Camp in Fire Station:
    • Watch:
      • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Eric & Jane Doe
      • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Hannah-Sue
      • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Vincent
      • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Randolph & Sammi-Jo

Day 2, 06-18:
~ Hunt/scavenge for 8 hours, then travel for 8 hours. Arrive in Dunellon.

  • Scavenge: 9000 sq. ft. Factory: (Total 28 TU Found)
    • Minor Damage, Lightly Scavenged: Move at 1/2 speed.
    • Rolls: Take 20, 22, 34, 27, 35 (4000 sq. ft.)
    • Loot:
      • Gasoline x11 (11 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x6 (6 TU)
      • Mechanical Parts x11 (11 TU)
  • Camp in house in Dunellon for:
    • Canned Goods x3 & Gasoline x3. (Taken from items found above.)
    • Over Cheer Food (Scotch & Nuts) he tells us that where we’re going is relatively clear of people, but has some critters and a few raider bands.

    Day 3, 06-19:

    • Travel for 8 hours, then hunt/scavenge for 8 hours. Arrive in Floral City.
      • Scavenge: 2000 sq. ft. Fire Station: (Total 21 TU Found)
        • Minor Damage, Lightly Scavenged: Move at 1/2 speed.
        • Rolls: Take 20, 25, 21, 21, 31 (all sq. ft.)
        • Loot:
          • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
          • Gasoline x5 (5 TU)
          • Medicine, Mild x4 (4 TU)
          • Medicine, Moderate (3 TU)
          • Mechanical Parts x5 (5 TU)
    • Camp in Abandoned Home:
      • Watch:
        • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Eric & Jane Doe
        • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Hannah-Sue
        • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Vincent
        • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Randolph & Sammi-Jo

    Day 4, 06-20:

    • Travel for 8 hours. Eat one day’s worth of personal foods.
    • Weeki Wachee has been vandalized and overgrown.
      • The Professor finds a local plant we can use as mosquito repellant.
      • After stowing Cherry in a shed, Vincent makes a machete for 3 Mechanical Parts. (Taken from items found above.)
      • We wind our way through the park and find the pumps.
      • Dr. Tanner spots the submerged alligator, while everyone else is oblivious.
      • Rand, with Dr. Tanner’s help, scares off the alligator.
      • We find a pump in good condition & use the horses to sledge it back to the truck.
      • We then head back to get any parts and check for more stuff.
        • Loot:
          • Mechanical Parts x1 (1 TU)
          • Gasoline x20 (20 TU)
          • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Camp in Abandoned Home:
      • Watch:
        • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Eric & Jane Doe
        • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Hannah-Sue
        • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Vincent
        • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Randolph & Sammi-Jo

    Day 5, 06-21:

    • Travel for 8 hours, then hunt/scavenge for 8 hours. Arrive in Floral City.
      • Scavenge: 18000 sq. ft. Warehouse: (Total 21 TU Found)
        • Undamaged, Lightly Scavenged:
        • Rolls: Take 20, Take 20, 26, 33, 17, 23, 32, 36, 37 (9000 sq. ft.)
        • Loot:
          • Gasoline x13 (13 TU)
          • Electrical Parts x3 (3 TU)
          • Mechanical Parts x4 (4 TU)
          • Windbreaker
          • Parka
    • When the salvagers return to the truck, we find two rednecks. One kid on the hood with a held shotgun and one in the bed of the truck, going through the loot. They have two dogs.
      • Eric manages to scare them off with a great Intimidate check.

    Day 6, 06-22:

    • Travel for 16 hours. Arrive in Williston. Eat one day’s worth of personal foods.

    Day 7, 06-23:

    • Travel for 8 hours. Arrive in Gainesville!
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    3rd Session: 2nd Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-06-23 to 2017-06-28
    • Campaign Date: 2017-06-23
      890 xp each

    Day 7, 06-23:

    • We total the loot from the last trip:
      • Assignment Payment (100 TU)
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Gasoline x56 (56 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Medicine, Mild x5 (5 TU)
      • Medicine, Moderate x2 (6 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x17 (17 TU)
      • Mechanical Parts x35 (35 TU)
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Parka
      • Windbreaker


    • Vincent installs a camper-top on Cherry.
      • Load: 60 / Parts DC: 15 / Parts Used: 4 / Craft DC: 20
    • Then he traps the camper-top.
      • Load: 10 / Parts DC: 20 / Parts Used: 3 / Craft DC: 15
    • Then he traps Cherry’s ignition.
      • Load: 10 / Parts DC: 20 / Parts Used: 3 / Craft DC: 15
        • Used parts from currently scavenged parts.
        • Mechanical Parts x25 (25 TU)


    • Rand & Vincent trade 8 gallons of gas for Fang, a guard dog.


    2nd Assignment: Doppler Fetal Monitor

    • Curt Harbaugh has our next assignment.
      • Shands Hospital wants a Doppler Fetal Monitor.
        • UF will pay 80 TU for it.
        • The Mallrats might have one.
          • They’re a group of people who fought over the Mall, and then jointly took it over.
          • They are cult-like, but they have amassed a large pile of goods.
      • For this mission, all medical goods (including for the past mission) are worth double TU.
        • Rand checks with the Mallrats. They don’t have a Doppler Fetal Monitor.
        • Bob Flinders invites us over for an informal briefing.
          • ZZ area is full of stopped cars and no life.
            • You can’t drive in and horses make a lot of noise.
          • St. John’s River does pass through the city. A boat may be helpful.
          • Renting a boat in St Augustine may work.
            • St. Augustine is mostly run my ex-military, working out of Castillo De San Marcos.
          • Naval Base is in southern Jax.
    • We decide to leave the horses in Gainesville and all drive out to St. Augustine, where we will rent a boat to head to Jax.
    • We also trade 25 gallons of Gasoline for equal TU in Preserved Food.
    • We withdraw 10 gallons of Gasoline for the trip.
      • Gasoline x21 (21 TU, deposited w/ UF)

    Day 1, 06-27:

    • When we arrive in Palatka, there is a biker gang blocking the bridge to St. Augustine.
      • They want some time with one of the women. Rand argues them down to a fight. They let us choose the weapon.
      • Eric steps up and chooses a fistfight.
        • Due to the bad-guy not having the right feat, Eric wins. His friends end up killing him when they try to treat his injuries. We drive on. Doctor Tanner heals Eric.
    • We arrive in St. Augustine. The bridge is guarded by the local militia.
      • We declare our peaceful intentions and they let us through.
      • The marina will rent us a boat, as long as we leave collateral, like a truck.
        • Upon return, they will charge us “two cans a day, plus gas”.
        • We are renting a “Bayliner 1802 Capri (runabout)”.
    • We head up to Jacksonville and “camp” in the middle of the river, near the Naval Hospital.
      • Watch:
        • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Eric & Dr. Pine
        • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Hannah-Sue
        • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Vincent
        • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Rand & Sammi-Jo

    Day 2, 06-27:

    • We wake up and find two dinghies, so that we can anchor the boat far from shore and leave it there.
    • We take the dinghies to the shore and walk towards the hospital.
      • About halfway to the Hospital, we run across a group of six zombies. They shriek. We run.
      • We are able to make it back to the dinghies, and then back to the boat.
      • Shortly after we get to the boat, there are two more groups of zombies on the shore.
    • We head to St. Vincent’s Hospital.
      • By keeping the boat at a very slow speed (idle), the zombies don’t notice us.
      • We’ve brought the dinghies, so we anchor the boat far from shore and leave it there.
      • We take the dinghies to the shore and send Sammi-Jo ahead to scout.
        • She sees no zombies. We head in.
      • We head to OB/GYN.
        • They don’t have the monitor.
      • We head to Maternity.
        • Vincent & Dr. Pine find the Doppler Fetal Monitor.
        • We check outside, through the windows. We see some zombies, but they appear to not be interested in us.
      • We split up.
        • Hannah-Sue & Sammi-Jo head to the roof to keep watch, & study, the zombies.
        • Vincent searches.
        • Dr. Pine searches, helped by Rand & Eric.
    • Zombie Observations!
      • They move in groups of six. The groups ignore each other.
      • We see one zombie fall out of a building and two zombies behind it follow the same path out of the building and onto the ground, three floors below. The other three zombies stop and leave. Later a zombie team (of six) comes back and take the three fallen zombies (two dead, one severely injured) away.
      • They search very thoroughly, but not well. They are only seen taking food away.
      • At one point, one group shrieks and starts chasing a stray dog. Other teams looked, but did not join the chase.
    • Back at the hospital, Hannah-Sue sees a group of zombies entering the hospital.
      • We group up and manage to sneak out of the hospital while avoiding the zombies.
        • Loot!
          • Electrical Parts x29 (29 TU)
          • Medicine, Mild x14 (14 TU)
          • Medicine, Moderate x9 (27 TU)
          • Medicine, Powerful x1 (5 TU)
          • Medicine, Advanced x1 (10 TU)
    • We head to the Naval Air Station, which is on the way back to the Naval Hospital.
      • After two hours of searching, Dr. Tanner spots a group of zombies, possibly heading our way.
      • We hole up in a room, in case they move into the building, but they don’t.
      • We move out to the boat to make some walkies-talkies!
    • As we are loading the boat on the dock, Hannah-Sue flicks a flying Cthulhu slug off her arm.
      • We see a swarm of them approaching.
      • We dive into the boat’s cabin and lock it up.
      • We check ourselves for any other slugs. Hannah-Sue has some slime from them, which we sample.
      • After a minute, it becomes obvious that they are eating their way into the cabin.
      • Vincent & Dr. Pine rig up some Molotov cocktails, which luckily kill all the slugs.
        • We immediately leave the scene after preserving as many of the slugs as possible.
        • Loot!
          • Gasoline x342 (342 TU)
          • Mechanical Parts x190 (190 TU)
    • We arrive in St. Augustine.
      • There’s been no reaction to the mucus exposure that Hannah-Sue suffered.
      • We pay 60 gallons of Gasoline for the boat rental, cleaning supplies, and a cooler of ice for the samples.
        • Gasoline x282 (282 TU)
    • We head home, but not before making six Molotov cocktails.
      • Thanks to a Current Events check, we figure out that the best time to pass through Palatka is shortly before dawn, when all the raiders are generally still sleeping off their drunkenness.
      • We bunk out in St. Augustine and head out to pass through Palatka at the right time.

    Day 3, 06-28:

    • We arrive in Gainesville without incident.
    • We total the loot for the past month:
      • Assignment Payments (180 TU)
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Gasoline x303 (303 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Medicine, Mild x19 (19 TU)
      • Medicine, Moderate x11 (33 TU)
      • Medicine, Powerful x1 (5 TU)
      • Medicine, Advanced x1 (10 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x46 (46 TU)
      • Mechanical Parts x215 (25 TU)
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Parka
      • Windbreaker
    • To Do List:
      • Make/Buy Walkie-Talkies
      • Make/Buy Digital Camera, Video & Still, with Zoom
      • Make/Buy Binoculars
    4th Session: 3rd Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-06-28 to 2017-07-08
    • Campaign Date: 2017-06-28
    • Crisman has left the game, therefore we “buy out” his share of the Ammunition Kit & Fang (the Guard dog) for 8 gallons of gasoline.
    • We total up our loot for the end of month turn-in & turn in the following (all medical goods are worth double):
      • Assignment Payments (180 TU)
      • Gasoline x46 (46 TU)
      • Medicine, Mild x19 (19 TU → 38 TU)
      • Medicine, Moderate x11 (33 TU → 66 TU)
      • Medicine, Powerful x1 (5 TU → 10 TU)
      • Medicine, Advanced x1 (10 TU → 20 TU)

    06-29 to 07-07:

    • Vincent makes the following:
      • Walkie-Talkies X5
        • Parts DC: 15 / (Electrical) Parts Used: 3 × 5 = 15 / Craft DC: 15
      • Headphones & Throat Microphones X5
        • Parts DC: 15 / (Electrical) Parts Used: 3 × 5 = 15 / Craft DC: 15
      • Digital Still Camera
        • Parts DC: 20 / (Electrical) Parts Used: 5 / Craft DC: 20
      • Digital Video Camera
        • Parts DC: 20 / (Electrical) Parts Used: 5 / Craft DC: 20
          • Current Electrical Parts = x6
    • Doc Tanner continues to train her horse for Combat Riding & sucessfully trains Fang to Heel.
      • We also buy a hunting dog, Strider, for 8 TU in Gas.
    • Professor Pine researches the slugs:!
      • 6 to 10 cm in length
      • mottled gray in color
      • two insect-like compound eyes
      • beak on the “bottom side of their head”
      • underside is covered in thin tentacles, with microscopic bristles, used for gripping
      • wings are membranes stretched over vanes (semi-cartilige)
      • cloaca at the end of the tail
      • under dissection they reveal:
        • very rudimentary internal systems
        • single-chambered heart
        • mouth leads to stomach, which leads to the cloaca
        • they are either all female or hermaproditic, as there is an egg, which is deposited by the cloaca
          • there is some sort of substance inside the eggs
        • basic nervous system, just a nerve-bundle
        • crystalline deposits on the nerve-bundle, some type of calcite (calcium-based crystals)
        • genetic analysis reveals they have CeNA!
          (see: )
          (see: )
    • Professor Pine posts about this as much as she can, in the current day and age.


    3rd Assignment: Missing Persons

    • Curt Harbaugh wants us to find four missing people.
      • Curt suspects that four freelance scavengers went into the Jacksonville warm zone.
        • One of the missing people had a relative come in and ask for help.
        • Names: Ken Hadley, Mike Dean, Cindy Davis, & Jason Owens.
        • Left town four days ago. They were supposed to be back by now.
        • We don’t know if they were looking for anything specific.
        • Mike Dean’s wife, Lisa, is the one who contacted the Swamp.
          • Lisa is part of the University, she lives on-campus.
    • We go to Lisa’s quarters.
      • Mike took what they had saved and got a truck with some gas and some rounds for his rifle.
      • He was probably heading for Doctor’s Inlet, where Mike & Lisa were from.
      • His companions (who chipped in for the truck and the gas) were people he trusted.
      • He probably was looking for medical goods, since there was the bonus last month.
      • She gives us a used pillow-case with Mike’s scent on it.
      • While she is talking to us, Lisa is also taking care of her daughter.
    • We get 10 gallons of gas in Cherry and head out.
    • Just north of Gainesville, we hear a shot ring out. Our truck’s tire has been shot out!
      • Combat!
        • There are four men attacking us. One shouts “Die, heathens.”
          • We conclude that they are
        • Professor Pine takes one down with a critical hit from her pistol.
        • Eric takes down another in hand-to-gun combat.
        • Vincent takes one down with a critical hit from his crossbow.
        • Eric finishes off the last one, who is in rapier-to-knife combat with Sammi-Jo.
    • Post-Combat:
      • We loot all four bodies and Doc Tanner stabilizes the “leader” (the guy with the rifle) while Vincent replaces the truck’s tire.
      • We get:
        • Leather Jacket x4
        • Colt M1911 x3
        • Colt M1911 (must be repaired)
        • .45 Ammo x11
        • Knife x4
        • Winchester 94
        • .444 Ammo x2
      • Doc Tanner heals the wounded members of the party.
      • We drag the dying men off the road. They are left alone, and they end up stabilizing. We leave them in their unconscious state.
      • After the truck is fixed, we load the “leader” into the truck and drive north.
    • After about an half-hour, the “leader” wakes up.
      • He doesn’t know anything about another truck passing north a few days ago. We think he’s telling the truth.
      • We let him go and drive north.
    • Session Ends
    • Current Inventory (temporarily stored with UF):
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Gasoline x241 (241 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Electrical Parts x6 (6 TU)
      • Mechanical Parts x215 (215 TU)
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    5th Session: 3rd Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-07-08 to 2017-07-09
    • Campaign Date: 2017-07-08
    • We continue on through Stark and Camp Blanding without incident.
    • In Middleburg… nothing happens. (We all failed our Spot checks.)
    • We arrive in Doctor’s Inlet
      • We head to the only pharmacy in town.
        • When we have Strider (the hunting dog) check for Mike’s scent, he points towards the entrance to the pharmacy and growls.
        • We move forward and enter the store.
        • We see pools of blood and a rifle. Then we hear growling.
    • Combat!
      • Four starving dogs attack our party. With ample use of Action Points and our dogs, we defeat them.
    • Post-Combat:
      • We patch up our injured dog and try (but fail) to fix Randi’s jammed gun.
      • We search the store. We find Mike’s rifle, with one round in it.
      • We check the scene (via Invesgtigate):
        • There were two injured/unconscious people. One was stabbed.
        • Around six people involved in the fight when it took place, the dogs showed up later.
        • We track a scent from a blood pool in the store towards the ZZ.
        • We head back to check the parking lot of the pharmacy for clues.
          • We find a pool of freshly-dried gasoline.
    • As we are out of excellent clues, we check the rest of Doctor’s Inlet.
      • We decide to head slowly back home, looking for the group.
      • Between Doctor’s Inlet & Middleburg, we find a freshly-abadoned truck.
      • It appears that it ran out of gas.
      • It has some pill bottles and boxes in the bed of the truck.
    • We are able to track Mike’s scent from the abandoned truck and back to Middleburg.
      • The scent leads to a Wal-Mart. At the entrance Strider growls.
      • We leave Strider in the truck and head to the entrance.
      • We call out to Mike, but Zombies respond.
    • Combat!
      • Six zombies come out of the front of the Walmart.
      • Thanks to readied actions and zombies not being as tough as dogs, we are able to defeat them without trouble.
      • The last one attempted to run, but we knocked her out.
    • Post-Combat:
      • We take samples (cheek swabs, blood, etc) from the knocked-out zombie.
      • We decapitated one “dead” zombie to take it’s head back for dissection.
      • We head into the store and fine that three of the amateur scavengers have holed up in an office.
      • We convince them that we’re here to help and they come out for medical attention and such.
    • Their story:
      • They were in the pharmacy when zombies attacked. Ken was ripped apart by them and Jason was stabbed.
      • Mike, Cindy, & Jason ran for the truck and fled.
      • The truck ran out of gas and they tried to find some gas, but didn’t find any.
      • Then different zombies came upon the truck and the three of them fled to the Walmart.
    • We hole up in Walmart for the night.
      • We store Cherry in the Walmart’s “garage”.
      • We scavenge the Walmart before going to sleep at midnight.
    • We find:
      • Electrical Parts x10 (10 TU)
      • Mechanical Parts x3 (3 TU)
      • Backpack x2
      • Battery Charger
      • Batteries x5
      • Binoculars
      • Bolt Cutters x3
      • Books x6 (50 Shades of Grey Trilogy & 3 of the Twilight Books)
      • Briefcases x5
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Chemical Light Sticks x15
      • Cigarette Lighters x6
      • Compass
      • Daypack x6
      • Digital Camera x5
      • Duct Tape x3
      • Electrical Tool Kit
      • Rope 150’


    • The Doc patches the injured up and Vincent easily repairs the truck. (1 Mechanical Part, already deducted from above.)
    • We split the gas in Cherry between the two trucks and head back.
    • In Starke, we come across the scene of a recent battle.
      • It appears to be a fight between prisoners (from the near-by jail) and troops from Camp Blanding.
        • The prisoners appear to have easily won the battle. (Only one dead prisoner and three dead troops.)
    • We arrive back in Gainesville without incident.
      • We report in to Curt and get Jason to the hospital.
    • Current Inventory (temporarily stored with UF):
      • Backpack x2
      • Battery Charger
      • Batteries x5
      • Binoculars
      • Bolt Cutters x3
      • Books x6 (50 Shades of Grey Trilogy & 3 of the Twilight Books)
      • Briefcases x5
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Chemical Light Sticks x15
      • Cigarette Lighters x6
      • Compass
      • Daypack x6
      • Digital Camera x5
      • Duct Tape x3
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x16 (16 TU)
      • Electrical Tool Kit
      • Gasoline x241 (241 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Mechanical Parts x218 (218 TU)
      • Rope 150’
    • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-08 to 2017-07-09
      XP Earned: 710
      Total Campaign XP: 5370
    6th Session: 4th Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-07-09 to 2017-07-13
    • Campaign Date: 2017-07-09
    • Curt cannot “pay” us for the resucue, but those we rescued will give us the truck.
      • Eric takes posesssion of the truck. It will be kept in the Safehouse(see below) when not in use.
    • Bob Flinders advises us to either set up a “vault” off-campus or bury our excess goods.
    • We analyze the head!
      • It appears to be a dead head. Doh!
    • We study the zombie.
      • As she was trying to rip herself out of the zipties, Vincent makes a straightjacket.
        • Three mechanical parts deducted from 218. 215 parts left.
      • EEG shows that the zombie is mentally “asleep”.
      • For three days, she tries to free herself, but fails.
        • After three days, she screams for 10-15 minutes, then falls into catatonic state.
          • Her brain state is that of a catatonic person.
        • The initial blood work shows that she is malnourished, dehydrated, stressed-out, but her tryptophan levels are at least 100x normal.
        • The later blood work (after her catatonia) shows that her tryptophan levels are still high, but approaching normal.
          • The signifigence of this result is as of yet unknown.
          • Left with a catatonic zombie, we turn her over to a UF medical group on July 12th.
    • Repairs!
      • Vincent repairs Randi’s broken gun with six mechanical parts.
      • Vincent repairs Cherry’s broken windows with three mechanical parts.
        • Nine mechanical parts deducted from 215. 206 parts left.
    • Trading!
      • We trade the following:
        • Bolt Cutters x2 (4 TU)
        • Books x6 (12 TU, 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy & 3 of the Twilight Books)
        • Briefcases x5 (10 TU)
        • Daypack x8 (16 TU)
      • To get the following:
        • Shell Casings x100 (10 TU)
        • Electrical Parts x18 (18 TU)
    • Making!
      • Vincent makes two Multipurpose tools.
      • Vincent makes ten Crossbow bolts.
      • Vincent makes 90 rounds of 9mm ammo. 30 rounds each for Randi, Eric, & Prof Pine.
      • Vincent makes 10 rounds of .45 ammo for Doc.
      • Vincent installs a booby trap on the ignition for Ed’s truck.
        • 89 mechanical parts deducted from 206. 117 parts left.
    • Vincent moves 16 mechanical parts to Cherry.
      • 16 mechanical parts deducted from 117. 101 parts left.
    • Food!
      • We trade 27 gallons of gas for days of Preserved Food, split as follows.
        • Sammi-Jo gets 3, Randi gets 7, Eric gets 3, Prof Pine gets 4, Doc Tanner gets 4, Vincent gets 6.
        • 27 gallons of gasoline deducted from 241. 214 gallons left.
    • We find a Safehouse!
      • We get an abandoned house that is nearby UF.
        • Two car garage. 4 Bed / 2 Bath. One bedroom has a small window.
          • We’ll use the bedroom with the small window as the “secure bedroom”.
      • We board up the windows and any holes in the roof.
      • Vincent builds two booby traps on the secure bedroom. One on the window and one on the door.
        • Vincent also builds interior bars for the window.
      • 9 mechanical parts deducted from 101. 92 parts left.
      • From now on, as part of his daily routine, Vincent will check on the Safehouse once a day.


    • All the above action takes us through July 12th.


    4th Assignment:

    • Curt wants us to kill two birds with one stone.
      • The simple part: Get a tanker of ammonium. (NH3)
        • They will provide the tanker truck and a list of the six (or so) local chemical companies that had stores of it.
      • The tricky bit: Camp Blanding wanted to hire a chemist, so Mike Williams went up there.
        • He hasn’t been heard from since. It’s been three weeks.
    • The tanker will be worth 100 TU. The return of Mike Williams will be worth 60 TU.
    • We head out to Camp Blanding.
      • Vincent, Randi, Eric, & Prof. Pine are in Cherry.
      • Sammi-Jo & Doc Tanner drive the tanker truck.
      • At the gate, the guards say that we can’t meet with Mike, but Randi convinces them to make a case for us.
      • The guard manages to get General Walker to meet with Vincent, Randi, & Eric just inside the base.
        • The General says that Mike decided to stay with them and is very busy and can’t be met with.
        • He does say that Mike could be “persuaded” to return to Gainesville if we could do one of the two following tasks.
          • Bring them a tanker-truck full of Chlorine.
          • Retrieve an artillery piece that the prisoners stole from a group of soliders passing through Starke.
      • Vincent, Randi, & Eric head back out to the group.
        • Eric noticed that the guard that helped us looked nervous.
        • Vincent and Randi talk to Private Cunningham (the guard). He reveals that the objectives both relate to the prisoners in Stark.
          • The prisoners and the soliders in Camp Blanding have frequent run-ins.
          • The chlorine gas will (probably) be used to fend them off.
          • The artilery piece will be used for the same purpose.
    • The group decides to table the decision until the next session.
    • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
      • Battery Charger
      • Batteries x5
      • Binoculars
      • Bolt Cutters
      • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
      • Chemical Light Sticks x15
      • Cigarette Lighters x6
      • Compass
      • Digital Camera x5
      • Duct Tape x3
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x34 (16 TU)
      • Electrical Tool Kit
      • Gasoline x214 (214 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Mechanical Parts x92 (92 TU)
      • Rope 150’
    • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-09 to 2017-07-13
      XP Earned: ?
      Total Campaign XP: 5370+?
    7th Session: 4th Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-07-14 to 2017-07-15
    • Campaign Date: 2017-07-14
    • We attempt to use Diplomacy on the prisoner, but it only gets him to unfriendly.
    • Intimidate works, however.
      • The innmates come and go through the west entrance.
        • West entrance is at the center of the western fence line.
        • Vehicle traffice generally goes through the gate there.
          • This is where they brought the artillary piece.
            • It is now near the south-center fence line.
    • Most prisoners live in the SW corner, in a complex of buildings.
      • There is, basically, a gauntlet of fencing between the west entrance, the living quarters, and the artillary piece.
    • The guards at the gate know everyone on sight.
    • We tie up, blindfold, & gag the prisoner and keep him in the back of the truck.
    • We want to scout out the artillery piece before we decided on a plan of attack.
      • Sammi-Joe says that she can scout for us.
        • We drive into the treeline off the south side of the prison.
        • Hannah-Sue & Randi mock-up a ghille suit for Sammi-Joe.
    • Sammi-Joe sneaks up to the fence.
      • The artillery piece is chained to a junked car, behind two chain-link fences.
      • There are no guards and the artillary piece does have a truck hitch built in.
    • Vincent makes two bolt cutters.
      • Six mechanical parts used of Vincent’s stash of 25. Vincent has 19 parts now.
      • We plan!
        • We will send Sammi-Jo and Eric up, under the cover of night, to cut through the fences.
        • Then Vincent with smash the truck through the fence and we will attempt to bolt the artillary piece to the truck and escape.
        • The horses will be placed much further away along our escape route.
    • We go!
      • We are able to get through the fence (with some damage to the truck) without an issue.
      • The chain is welded to the artillery piece and to the car’s axle.
      • We choose to cut the axle from the car, rather than try to cut the chain directly.
      • The prisoners (using torches) are approaching as we get everything done.
      • We leave, but not before kicking our prisoner out the back of the truck.
      • The horse-owners get on their horses and head overland to Camp Blanding.
      • The rest of the party drives away, only to be pursued by prisoners!
        • After a brief car chase/combat, Vincent is injured but the two pursuing vehicles are disabled and do not continue.
    • We meet up with everyone at Camp Blanding and trade the artillary piece for Mike Williams.
      • Meanwhile, Randi has been left behind at a strip club.
      • We then head back to Gainesville!


    • After bringing back Mike Williams, we now have 160 TU credit with UF for the month.
    • Repairs!
      • Vincent restocks his personal supply of mechanical parts with six parts.
      • Vincent repairs Prof Pine’s broken gun with six mechanical parts.
      • Vincent repairs Cherry’s broken windows and damage with 24 mechanical parts.
        • 36 mechanical parts deducted from 75. 39 parts left.
    • Trading!
      • We have, for sale:
        • Shell Casings(.38) x10 (1 TU)
        • Ruger Service 6 x3 (21 TU)
        • Colt M1911 (8 TU)
        • Ammo(.38) x13 (13 TU)
        • Sports Pad Armor x 4 (24 TU)
        • Cleaver x4 (16 TU)
      • We pick up:
        • Ammo(9mm) x30 (30 TU)
        • Crossbow Bolts x4 (4 TU)
        • HK MP5 (13 TU)
          • This is for Doc Tanner
        • Flamethrower (14 TU)
        • Electrical Parts x11 (11 TU)
        • Mechancial Parts x11 (11 TU)
    • While trading for the HK MP5 and the Flamethrower, we meet Trixie, a local ex-black-market dealer, who has gone “legit” after the end of the world. We mention that we’re getting the Flamethrower for our next trip to Jacksonville and she says that she’d like to join us.
    • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
      • Battery Charger
      • Batteries x5
      • Binoculars
      • Bolt Cutters
      • Canned Goods x4 (8 TU)
      • Chemical Light Sticks x15
      • Cigarette Lighter x6
      • Compass
      • Digital Camera x5
      • Duct Tape x3
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x45 (45 TU)
      • Electrical Tool Kit
      • Gasoline x214 (214 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Mechanical Parts x50 (50 TU)
      • Rope 150’
      • Shell Casings(9mm) x5
    • Everyone levels up to level 4!
    • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-14 to 2017-07-15
      XP Earned: ?
      Total Campaign XP: 5370+?
    8th Session: 5th Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Dates: 2017-07-16 to 2017-07-17
    • Campaign Date: 2017-07-16
    • We go to Curt Harbaugh, for our next job!
      • There isn’t a lot going on right now, but there is a trade meeting today with Ocala and they would like us to come along, as a show of force.
      • We will be awarded 5 TU for attending.
      • Vincent convinces Curt to let the group take Trixie down with us, as we are one person short.
        • Officially, a replacement member of our team will be chosen by the Sherrif.
      • We head to Trixie’s Bar.
        • She’s there and interested in joining us.
      • We join up with the convoy heading to the meeting.
        • The meeting goes without issue. UF exchanges vet supplies and textbooks for horses.
    • Upon return to Gaineville, Vincent installs wheel armor on Cherry.
      • 2 mechanical parts deducted from 45. 43 parts left.


    • The next day, we head to meet with Curt.
      • Bob’s team is there, but Bob isn’t. Bob has been captured by a horde of zombies!
        • While they were in north Jacksonville, one member of the group was swarmed in the zombie attack, and Bob tried to rescue him, but instead Bob was captured.
        • Curt asks Vincent’s team to rescue him, even though such a thing has never been done before.
        • Additionally, Trixie has been formally allowed to join Vincent’s team.
    • We get ready to go!
      • We pick up the 2nd truck and a 55-gallon drum of gas, for trading & use.
      • We get some of Bob’s clothes, for scent tracking.
      • We head to St. Augustine!
      • There is some concern about running into the Hell’s Rapists in Palatka, as happened last time.
        • These concerns are obviated by the fact that Trixie is a member(?) of the gang. Thus, they let us pass.
    • We get to St. Augustine.
      • The guards at the road block are no longer in various military uniforms, they are instead wearing normal clothes with black armbands around their left arm.
      • It appears that the recent unrest in St. Augustine was caused by someone called “Black Jack”, who was agitating against the powers-that-be in the city. People were even leaving town due to the troubles. At the very least, Black Jack has claimed control of this border area of St. Augustine.
      • We try to intimidate and bargain with them, but they just want to take all of our stuff and leave us with nothing, so combat breaks out.
    • Combat!
      • There are three guys behind the road block.
      • There is a sniper in the Armory, which is next to the road block.
      • After a brief combat, the men at the barricades are all down, in a manner of speaking.
        • The sniper is continues to shoot at us, but we just drive away.
    • We attempt to head to the St. Augustine docks, in the hopes that they are still under milita control.
      • The city has many roadblocks and some buildings on fire.
      • As we run into yet another roadblock, Prof. Pine realizes that we’re being herded to go somewhere.
      • When we try to head back the way we came, we find that we are trapped by a roadblock that wasn’t there before.
      • An overwhelmingly large force of Black Jack’s men (50 guys with rifles) appear.
        • They demand that we exit our vehicles and drop our weapons. We do.
        • Trixie convinces them to take her to their leader.
        • Session ends as Trixie is bound and hooded to be taken to Black Jack.
    • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
      • Battery Charger
      • Batteries x5
      • Binoculars
      • Bolt Cutters
      • Canned Goods x4 (8 TU)
      • Chemical Light Sticks x15
      • Cigarette Lighter x6
      • Compass
      • Digital Camera x5
      • Duct Tape x3
      • Electric Generator (15 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x40 (40 TU)
      • Electrical Tool Kit
      • Gasoline x159 (159 TU, deposited w/ UF)
      • Mechanical Parts x43 (43 TU)
      • Rope 150’
      • Shell Casings(9mm) x5
    • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-16 to 2017-07-17
      XP Earned: ?
      Total Campaign XP: 5370+?
    9th Session: 5th Scavenging Assignment
    Campaign Date: 2017-07-17

    (Notes written by lexkixass)

    Car pulls up, Trixie gets out.

    Per Trixie, we have a business propasition. They want us to drop off any interesting Jax stuff THERE to try and sell instead of bringing to Gville.

    Eric wants to know if they can get us a boat. Trixie forgot about that…

    Eric asks if there was anyway we could get a boat.

    We can rent or buy a boat, but if we rent they’ll need collateral.

    Trixie tries to talk to Mafisto, rolled a 17 (2+15), DM says they’re not inclined to help.

    Mafisto will hook them up with a boat, but he wants a 20% cut of whatever we bring back.

    Trixie says 15% plus case of Trixie’s moonshine in exchange for boat, and will ensure trucks will be here when we get back. Trixie also bringing her bike onto the boat, plus dogs and monkey. Boat is about the same as what we had last time.

    …we decided we’re not taking the boat, that we’re going to drive to Jax instead, because we’re idiots.

    We’re gonna leave Eric’s truck…because reasons. (I don’t get it.)

    Now we’re driving up now, taking A1A. Because we didn’t know where we were going last session, wherein if we had we’d’ve taken 301 up to Callahan.

    On drive up, we see flashing red&blue lights in rearview mirror. It’s a marked cop car. We’re a pretty good way outside of St. Auggie. They are gaining but not terribly close yet.

    Trixie splits off, to go around and come up behind the car.

    Everyone readies their weapons, just in case. We slow down the car, we can see that their car is being followed by a motorcycle, and the people are dressed in police-type uniforms.

    ‘Cops’ wiggle a 9mm after they drive up alongside and motion for us to pull over.

    [Roll for initiative!]

    Window on cop car rolls down, and sticks a shotgun out the window. Aims at Vincent, but car shakes and throws it off so shot hits the truck.

    SammiJo in passenger seat next to Vincent.

    Guy on bike behind us shoots out one of the tires. (Rear left.)

    Tanner opens back door, shoots out bike’s front tire. Cyclist does not go flying but he does slow down & is 25 feet away.

    Eric uses flamethrower! It’s effective. Cyclist stops and rolls on the ground; flames extinguished but he’s not moving.

    Vincent sideswipes car; both cars take 11 points of damage.

    Pine shoots out one of the police car’s tires.

    SammiJo uses Vincent’s crossbow to shoot Shotgun Guy—
    (SammiJo: “Do I want to shoot the passenger?”
    (Tanner: “He was shooting us with a shotgun.”)
    —and misses.

    Trixie not yet to cyclist.

    Shotgun Guy shoots at front tire, misses.

    Driver of other car sideswipes our car. Both vehicles 3 pts of damage.

    Tanner tells Vincent to gun it, readies to shoot @ car from back.

    Eric over radio “Gun it and get in front of it”, then moves to get on tailgate so he can ready to jump on hood.

    Vincent guns it and swerves in front of car.

    Tanner fires, misses.

    Pine fires, shatters windshield.

    Eric uses flamethrower, 10pts of damage. He sets driver on fire, the car rolls a few times then explodes. Eric whoops!

    Trixie can tell cyclist is alive and bleeding to death. Vincent turns back to where Trixie & cyclist are. Eric giggles as they pass the flaming wreck.

    Tanner stabilizes cyclist.


    We then get to where Bob Flinders was zombie-napped. Dogs sniff around, are confused and run around in circles.

    Cyclist gets woken; are cops turned raiders. Eric is personally insulted.

    Cyclist gets stripped.
    Mob lady: Should we leave him his underwear?
    Medic: YES.

    Will have to leave truck @ edge of zombie zone as inside is impassable.

    We reach estimated edge of zombie zone.

    Strider got a scent!

    Cyclist gets let go; he runs away.

    (“They’re just brigands.”
    (“They’re not very good. They ran into us.”
    (“No, they ran into Eric’s flamethrower.”
    (“Oh that’s riiiiight…”)

    Tanner takes lead, handling dogs and scouting for hiding places while keeping eye out for zombies.

    Tanner hears footsteps, tells group she thinks we should hide. She hesitates, then jumps behind a car.

    DM: “You see some zombies coming. They’re zombie-ing around.”

    We sneak around, dogs keeping the scent. We head down an alleyway and see some zombies laying on the ground. They’re not moving.

    Trixie sends monkey over to investigate. Monkey pokes zombie. Zombies look alive; mouths and eyes are moving.

    Tanner takes out video camera to tape zombies. Cthulu slug comes out of one of the zombie’s mouth, then the zombie’s head explodes into a cloud of Cthulu slugs. Then all the zombies’ heads explode with more slugs.

    Eric fires flamethrower as soon as the slugs after monkey’s clear. Slugs are all of them bursting into flame.

    We are close enough to see a giant crystal, guesstimate half an hour away. Crystal is opaque and whitish in color, leaning drunkenly to the side.

    The closer we get to the crystal, the worse the zombie activity gets.

    We decide to hole up in a luxury highrise until nightfall. Looks pretty sturdy, safe. Head up to upper floor. Zombies HAVE been through the building already. Once on floor, look out in direction of crystal and see three. The crystals have a weird radiance when light hits them, but they don’t glow at night. Streets around the crystal are filled with carnage, see it’s actually some sort of plant that’s red and viney, growing outward from the crystals.

    Tanner takes video with help of binoculars.

    With binocs, can see some groups of zombies moving through plants; zombies are not affected.

    We decide to scavenge the building as we wait for the sun to go down. We find gas and some electrical parts. (DM will tell us amounts later.)


    Sun goes down.

    Moon is waning; just after last quarter, rises at 8:30. We head out of building at 9pm when moon is high enough to see by. Video camera has nightvision. Tanner follows the dogs; they’ve got makeshift leashes.

    We are approaching the plants, Tanner keeps the dogs from actually reaching the plants. Tanner stops about 20 feet from the plants.

    Tanner gets strange compulsion to head into the plants. Dogs have no reaction. Tanner starts to back away. One of the plants suddenly surges at Strider, five feet short. Tanner quickly calls Strider back.

    Tie the rope around the monkey, send monkey in to get a sample of the plant. Plant twitches, monkey gets yanked back and the vine snaps where the monkey was.

    Monkey gets sent out again, SammiJo readies action to chop off sample of plant. Eric is ready to yank monkey back, and also SammiJo if she gets in trouble. Tanner is taping.

    Monkey gets within 10 feet of plant, nothing happens.

    Monkey gets within 5 feet of plant, nothing happens.

    SammiJo creeps up to try and chop a sample.

    Plant moves, SammiJo takes 15 points of damage. Vine wraps around SammiJo and yanks her back into the mass. Eric yanks SammiJo back, but he gets yanked off his feet instead.

    SammiJo gets stabbed with thorns from vines, takes 3 pts of damage.

    Eric, Tanner, and Pine together yank SammiJo back out of the mass.

    Vine gets taut.

    Eric, Tanner, Pine yank again, vine snaps and Eric/Tanner/Pine fall on their butts. SammiJo is still mobile, and some zombies come around the corner.

    We decide to run; Tanner draws weapon and readies command for dogs to attack if the zombies get too close.

    We duck around a corner, the zombies trickle by. Tanner heals SammiJo for 6 pts on SammiJo (patches her up), then does surgery for 4 hours. SammiJo is completely healed but will be fatigued for 17 hours.

    We set up watches, Vincent gets first watch, Tanner gets last.


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