They Came from Beyond

1st Session: Character Generation
Campaign Date: n/a

-Lore (“Zombies”):
-“Zombies” that are removed from the mind-control zone attempt to escape.
-When restrained, they will even hurt themselves trying to escape.
-After 2-3 days the “zombie” will, most commonly, fall into a coma and never wake up.
-Less commonly, they fly into a murderous rage or into a suicidal rage.

Prolouge: Part 1
Dreams of Armageddon

In the months leading up to our planet’s invasion, people for all over the world shared dreams of startling similarity.

You cannot move. And yet, you float, float through a cold, dark vacuum. Time is meaningless; you’ve floated for eons. But soon that will end. You send your mind out, flashing though the void and find it, closer than it’s ever been. Cradled in your mind it feels like a ball of squirming thoogah. You flush with anticipation. No. Not anticipation. Hunger.

It is a clear summer day, beautiful and warm. The sun’s heat is kept in check by a cooling breeze. Perhaps later it will rain. You hear the excited murmurings of others and follow their pointing fingers to look into the sky. Shading your eyes against the sun’s midday glare, you see them. Balls of fire streaking towards the ground. A distant rumbling meets your ears, the sound the fireballs make as they break the sound barrier. Gulping air, you begin a shout but the burning objects rip through the tower high rises of the city and into the ground. A wave of pressure picks you up, your lungs bursting in you chest. And as you lose consciousness, a second wave, this one of fire, turns you to ash.

You peer out through your own eyes, like a prisoner peering out between the bars of his cell. Your body moves, trudging forward mechanically, heeding orders your brain cannot process. You push a shopping cart, loaded with food your body has gathered for a grocery store. Before you the back of another; like you, a prisoner in his own head. Before him, another and another. Behind you a line of carts and people stretching a mile or more. You cannot turn to look, your body has not been ordered to do so and it no longer follows your commands. But you can feel them, the caged minds of your fellow prisoners. And they are screaming, they are all screaming.


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