Zarya Solovyov (Заря́ Соловьёв)

Class: ? Character Level: Telepath 2, Charismatic Hero 3 Starting Occupation: Profiler
Age: 45 Gender: F Height: 5’7" Weight: 125lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Skin: Tan
10 10 12 12 14 19
+1 +1 +2 +4

HP: 28
Psonic Power POints: 10
Defense: 15
Base Attack: +2

Saving Throws
Fortitude 2 Reflex 2 Will 4 Reputation 3 Action Points 8 Wealth Bonus 2
Melee ? Ranged ?
HKMP5 +1 Total Attack Bonus +5 Damage 2d6 Critical 20 Range Weight Type Size Special Properties
Skill Name Key Ability Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc Modifier
Bluff CHA 10 4 6
Decipher Script INT 7 1 6
Diplomacy CHA 10 4 6
Gather Information CHA 10 4 6
Intimidate CHA 8 4 4
Diplomacy CHA 10 4 6
Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences INT 3 1 2 Note: +3 to CHA checks with Gender involved.
Knowledge: Current Events INT 7 1 6
Knowledge: Street Wise INT 7 1 6
Sense Motive WIS 8 2 6
Spot WIS 2 2
Autohypnosis 6 6
Psicraft 6 6
Armor Proficiency (light) Personal Firearm Proficiency Point Blank Shot Precise
Simple Weapons Proficiency Wild Talent (Daze)
Talents / Special Abilities
Get Charm Charm Female Charm Male +3 CHA Skill Checks When Gender Involved
Telepathy Powers 0.Wild Talent (Daze) 0.Detect Psionics 0.Telepathic Projection 0.Far Hands 5lbs. 30ft./round
1.Attraction 1.Charm Person
Ability Check 0 Level DC11,Five times a day, Psonic power point for everytime over five per day. 1 Level DC13, One psonic power point per use.
HKMP5, holds 30 rounds Bullets, 25 Backpack Food, 7 days Pro Walkie Talkie JerryCan of Water Clothing Light Undercover Vest +3 Flashlight Sleeping Bag Zip Ties Digital Camera

Pending approval from GM:

Zarya is a second generation Russian. She is from St. Augustine. She was a student at UNF during her college years but had to quit due to finances and family. She had been working as a tour guide in historic St. Augustine undercover while having a career with the St. Johns’ police department. When the crystal landed in Jacksonville, society fell apart, and she moved to Gainesville. She is working with Professor Pine learning Criminology (Behavioral Sciences) and languages.

Zarya Solovyov (Заря́ Соловьёв)

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