Vincent Shaeffer

A spindley, hands-on geek, who ran a home-security business before the end of the world.


Vincent Shaeffer (CL 6)

CR 6 (Smart 3 / Salvager 3); Medium Human; HD 6d6+10; HP 38; Init + 0; Spd 30 ft; Defense 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11; BAB + 3; Grp + 2; Atk + 3(or + 7) ranged (1d10/19-20, Crossbow); or + 2(or + 7) melee (1d6-1 Metal Baton); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ Exploit Weakness (+ 7, DC 15), Heroic Surge (2/day), Occupation (Entrepreneur); AL n/a; SV Fort + 4, Ref + 2 (+3 vs mishaps), Will + 5; Stats Str 8, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 10, Cha 10; Action Points 9; Feats Expert Scrounger, Gearhead, Heroic Surge, Shrewd Bargainer, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Smart Plus, Thrifty Mechanic

Skills Computer Use + 12; Craft, Electronic + 13; Craft, Mechanical + 12; Craft, Structural + 10; Diplomacy + 9 (+ 15 if bartering); Disable Device + 13; Drive + 9; Investigate + 5; Knowledge, Current Events + 13; Knowledge, Earth/Life Sciences + 5; Knowledge, History + 5; Knowledge, Physical Sciences + 5; Knowledge, Technology + 11; Listen + 0; Read/Write Language: English, Spanish; Repair + 17 (+ 18 if jury-rigging); Research + 10; Search + 16 (+ 22 if scavenging); Sense Motive + 4; Speak Language: English, Spanish; Spot + 0

Carried Equipment (Light Load: 0-30 lb) Backpack (holds 30 lb), Ballpoint Pen (3), Book (1st edition copy of Anathem, dedicated by wife), Book (Moleskin Journal), Can Opener, Cigarette Lighter, Crossbow (22 bolts), Duct Tape, Knife, Mechanics Coveralls (as Fatigues), Metal Baton, Multipurpose Tool, Professional Walkie-Talkie, Standard Flashlight, Walkie-Talkie Headphone & Throat Microphone, Wedding Band. (21lb total)

Equipment on 2009 Toyota Tundra (as Ford F-150 XL, Cargo: 1700 lb) Basic Electrical Tool Kit, Basic Mechanical Tool Kit, Duct Tape (2), Electrical Parts (6), Gas Mask, Gasoline (21 gallons), Mechanical Parts (25), Preserved Food (7 days), Sleeping Bag, 5 Gallon Water Jug (full). 349 lb total

Full Character Name Vincent Alexander Theodore Shaeffer; Class Smart 3 / Salvager 3; Starting Occupation Entrepreneur; Age 30; Gender Male; Height 5’11"; Weight 149 lb; Eyes Brown; Hair Black, Thick & Wavy; Skin Tan (Caucasian); Experience Points 15000+


Vincent Alexander Theodore Shaeffer was born on May 11th, 1984 in Melbourne, Florida, to Alice and Robert Shaeffer. He was an inquisitive child, always taking his toys apart and putting them back together. He loved playing with Legos and was thrilled when he got his hands on any sort of kid’s science set. Robert Shaeffer supported his family with a security system company and the electronic gadgets and devices that were involved with his work always intrigued Vincent.

As Vincent got older, he started helping out his father with the family business. Vincent’s prediliction for gadgetry went hand-in-hand with the work and Robert started grooming his son to take over the business. After Vincent graduated from high school with top grades, he attended the University of Florida, in Gainesville. In 2007 he graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Business, and found himself delightfully engaged to one Michelle O’Brien, whom he met at UF.

Vincent and Michelle soon married and moved to Orlando, where Robert Shaeffer had Vincent take over his first expansion of his security business. The new franchise started off well, but faced cut-backs and difficulties during the Great Recession. One item of joy in that time was that Vincent and Michelle welcome their son, Andrew, into the world in 2009.

Working hard on keeping the business afloat and learning how to be a parent, Vincent struggled for the first year or so, but as the economy slowly improved, so did the business and by the beginning of 2012, all was right with the world.

At noon, on June 17th, 2012 Vincent found himself out to lunch with friends. When they heard a strange, rumbling noise in the sky they had no idea what was going on. Unknown to Vincent, it was the sound of the crystals plummeting through the atmosphere.

(The remaining biography needs input from game master.)

-restaurant gets zombified
-zombies try to capture/eat/kill Vincent?
-he manages to escape
-driving or on foot?
-realizes that Michelle and Andrew are still flying across the country
-gets a call from friends in Gainesville, checking on him
-he leaves a voicemail and texts for Michelle, saying that Gainesville seems to be safe, so he’s heading there
-struggles north and makes it through ocala and to gainesville, it takes months

-volunteers at UF to do anything to help
-works for newly expanded Physical Plant to help keep UF running
-after working at UF for four years, and looking for word of his family the entire time, he’s given up on finding them, so he signs up to lead a scavenging team, gathering together some people he’s come to know over the years at UF

Vincent Shaeffer

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