Black Jack

Mysterious new govenor of St. Augustine


Black Jack is a middle-aged white man. His black hair is streaked with grey and worn long. He is bearded and mustachioed. He wears a long black robe embroidered with mystic symbols as well as many rings, braclets and amulets.

Those loyal to him wear a black armband on their left arm.


There is no reliable information on Black Jack’s life before the Falling. While living in St. Augustine he assembled a cadre of loyal followers and recently staged a coup, overthrowing the former-military authority.

Jack is believed by many to have supernatural powers, including the ability to read thoughts and make others do his bidding. His lieutenants, likewise, are rumored to have unusual abilities. It seems these abilities and the cult-like loyalty of his followers was what allowed him to defeat the better armed and trained military remnants.

He currently makes his headquarters in the old Lightner Museum.

Black Jack

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