They Came from Beyond

9th Session: 5th Scavenging Assignment

Campaign Date: 2017-07-17

(Notes written by lexkixass)

Car pulls up, Trixie gets out.

Per Trixie, we have a business propasition. They want us to drop off any interesting Jax stuff THERE to try and sell instead of bringing to Gville.

Eric wants to know if they can get us a boat. Trixie forgot about that…

Eric asks if there was anyway we could get a boat.

We can rent or buy a boat, but if we rent they’ll need collateral.

Trixie tries to talk to Mafisto, rolled a 17 (2+15), DM says they’re not inclined to help.

Mafisto will hook them up with a boat, but he wants a 20% cut of whatever we bring back.

Trixie says 15% plus case of Trixie’s moonshine in exchange for boat, and will ensure trucks will be here when we get back. Trixie also bringing her bike onto the boat, plus dogs and monkey. Boat is about the same as what we had last time.

…we decided we’re not taking the boat, that we’re going to drive to Jax instead, because we’re idiots.

We’re gonna leave Eric’s truck…because reasons. (I don’t get it.)

Now we’re driving up now, taking A1A. Because we didn’t know where we were going last session, wherein if we had we’d’ve taken 301 up to Callahan.

On drive up, we see flashing red&blue lights in rearview mirror. It’s a marked cop car. We’re a pretty good way outside of St. Auggie. They are gaining but not terribly close yet.

Trixie splits off, to go around and come up behind the car.

Everyone readies their weapons, just in case. We slow down the car, we can see that their car is being followed by a motorcycle, and the people are dressed in police-type uniforms.

‘Cops’ wiggle a 9mm after they drive up alongside and motion for us to pull over.

[Roll for initiative!]

Window on cop car rolls down, and sticks a shotgun out the window. Aims at Vincent, but car shakes and throws it off so shot hits the truck.

SammiJo in passenger seat next to Vincent.

Guy on bike behind us shoots out one of the tires. (Rear left.)

Tanner opens back door, shoots out bike’s front tire. Cyclist does not go flying but he does slow down & is 25 feet away.

Eric uses flamethrower! It’s effective. Cyclist stops and rolls on the ground; flames extinguished but he’s not moving.

Vincent sideswipes car; both cars take 11 points of damage.

Pine shoots out one of the police car’s tires.

SammiJo uses Vincent’s crossbow to shoot Shotgun Guy—
(SammiJo: “Do I want to shoot the passenger?”
(Tanner: “He was shooting us with a shotgun.”)
—and misses.

Trixie not yet to cyclist.

Shotgun Guy shoots at front tire, misses.

Driver of other car sideswipes our car. Both vehicles 3 pts of damage.

Tanner tells Vincent to gun it, readies to shoot @ car from back.

Eric over radio “Gun it and get in front of it”, then moves to get on tailgate so he can ready to jump on hood.

Vincent guns it and swerves in front of car.

Tanner fires, misses.

Pine fires, shatters windshield.

Eric uses flamethrower, 10pts of damage. He sets driver on fire, the car rolls a few times then explodes. Eric whoops!

Trixie can tell cyclist is alive and bleeding to death. Vincent turns back to where Trixie & cyclist are. Eric giggles as they pass the flaming wreck.

Tanner stabilizes cyclist.


We then get to where Bob Flinders was zombie-napped. Dogs sniff around, are confused and run around in circles.

Cyclist gets woken; are cops turned raiders. Eric is personally insulted.

Cyclist gets stripped.
Mob lady: Should we leave him his underwear?
Medic: YES.

Will have to leave truck @ edge of zombie zone as inside is impassable.

We reach estimated edge of zombie zone.

Strider got a scent!

Cyclist gets let go; he runs away.

(“They’re just brigands.”
(“They’re not very good. They ran into us.”
(“No, they ran into Eric’s flamethrower.”
(“Oh that’s riiiiight…”)

Tanner takes lead, handling dogs and scouting for hiding places while keeping eye out for zombies.

Tanner hears footsteps, tells group she thinks we should hide. She hesitates, then jumps behind a car.

DM: “You see some zombies coming. They’re zombie-ing around.”

We sneak around, dogs keeping the scent. We head down an alleyway and see some zombies laying on the ground. They’re not moving.

Trixie sends monkey over to investigate. Monkey pokes zombie. Zombies look alive; mouths and eyes are moving.

Tanner takes out video camera to tape zombies. Cthulu slug comes out of one of the zombie’s mouth, then the zombie’s head explodes into a cloud of Cthulu slugs. Then all the zombies’ heads explode with more slugs.

Eric fires flamethrower as soon as the slugs after monkey’s clear. Slugs are all of them bursting into flame.

We are close enough to see a giant crystal, guesstimate half an hour away. Crystal is opaque and whitish in color, leaning drunkenly to the side.

The closer we get to the crystal, the worse the zombie activity gets.

We decide to hole up in a luxury highrise until nightfall. Looks pretty sturdy, safe. Head up to upper floor. Zombies HAVE been through the building already. Once on floor, look out in direction of crystal and see three. The crystals have a weird radiance when light hits them, but they don’t glow at night. Streets around the crystal are filled with carnage, see it’s actually some sort of plant that’s red and viney, growing outward from the crystals.

Tanner takes video with help of binoculars.

With binocs, can see some groups of zombies moving through plants; zombies are not affected.

We decide to scavenge the building as we wait for the sun to go down. We find gas and some electrical parts. (DM will tell us amounts later.)


Sun goes down.

Moon is waning; just after last quarter, rises at 8:30. We head out of building at 9pm when moon is high enough to see by. Video camera has nightvision. Tanner follows the dogs; they’ve got makeshift leashes.

We are approaching the plants, Tanner keeps the dogs from actually reaching the plants. Tanner stops about 20 feet from the plants.

Tanner gets strange compulsion to head into the plants. Dogs have no reaction. Tanner starts to back away. One of the plants suddenly surges at Strider, five feet short. Tanner quickly calls Strider back.

Tie the rope around the monkey, send monkey in to get a sample of the plant. Plant twitches, monkey gets yanked back and the vine snaps where the monkey was.

Monkey gets sent out again, SammiJo readies action to chop off sample of plant. Eric is ready to yank monkey back, and also SammiJo if she gets in trouble. Tanner is taping.

Monkey gets within 10 feet of plant, nothing happens.

Monkey gets within 5 feet of plant, nothing happens.

SammiJo creeps up to try and chop a sample.

Plant moves, SammiJo takes 15 points of damage. Vine wraps around SammiJo and yanks her back into the mass. Eric yanks SammiJo back, but he gets yanked off his feet instead.

SammiJo gets stabbed with thorns from vines, takes 3 pts of damage.

Eric, Tanner, and Pine together yank SammiJo back out of the mass.

Vine gets taut.

Eric, Tanner, Pine yank again, vine snaps and Eric/Tanner/Pine fall on their butts. SammiJo is still mobile, and some zombies come around the corner.

We decide to run; Tanner draws weapon and readies command for dogs to attack if the zombies get too close.

We duck around a corner, the zombies trickle by. Tanner heals SammiJo for 6 pts on SammiJo (patches her up), then does surgery for 4 hours. SammiJo is completely healed but will be fatigued for 17 hours.

We set up watches, Vincent gets first watch, Tanner gets last.



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