They Came from Beyond

8th Session: 5th Scavenging Assignment

Campaign Dates: 2017-07-16 to 2017-07-17

  • Campaign Date: 2017-07-16
  • We go to Curt Harbaugh, for our next job!
    • There isn’t a lot going on right now, but there is a trade meeting today with Ocala and they would like us to come along, as a show of force.
    • We will be awarded 5 TU for attending.
    • Vincent convinces Curt to let the group take Trixie down with us, as we are one person short.
      • Officially, a replacement member of our team will be chosen by the Sherrif.
    • We head to Trixie’s Bar.
      • She’s there and interested in joining us.
    • We join up with the convoy heading to the meeting.
      • The meeting goes without issue. UF exchanges vet supplies and textbooks for horses.
  • Upon return to Gaineville, Vincent installs wheel armor on Cherry.
    • 2 mechanical parts deducted from 45. 43 parts left.


  • The next day, we head to meet with Curt.
    • Bob’s team is there, but Bob isn’t. Bob has been captured by a horde of zombies!
      • While they were in north Jacksonville, one member of the group was swarmed in the zombie attack, and Bob tried to rescue him, but instead Bob was captured.
      • Curt asks Vincent’s team to rescue him, even though such a thing has never been done before.
      • Additionally, Trixie has been formally allowed to join Vincent’s team.
  • We get ready to go!
    • We pick up the 2nd truck and a 55-gallon drum of gas, for trading & use.
    • We get some of Bob’s clothes, for scent tracking.
    • We head to St. Augustine!
    • There is some concern about running into the Hell’s Rapists in Palatka, as happened last time.
      • These concerns are obviated by the fact that Trixie is a member(?) of the gang. Thus, they let us pass.
  • We get to St. Augustine.
    • The guards at the road block are no longer in various military uniforms, they are instead wearing normal clothes with black armbands around their left arm.
    • It appears that the recent unrest in St. Augustine was caused by someone called “Black Jack”, who was agitating against the powers-that-be in the city. People were even leaving town due to the troubles. At the very least, Black Jack has claimed control of this border area of St. Augustine.
    • We try to intimidate and bargain with them, but they just want to take all of our stuff and leave us with nothing, so combat breaks out.
  • Combat!
    • There are three guys behind the road block.
    • There is a sniper in the Armory, which is next to the road block.
    • After a brief combat, the men at the barricades are all down, in a manner of speaking.
      • The sniper is continues to shoot at us, but we just drive away.
  • We attempt to head to the St. Augustine docks, in the hopes that they are still under milita control.
    • The city has many roadblocks and some buildings on fire.
    • As we run into yet another roadblock, Prof. Pine realizes that we’re being herded to go somewhere.
    • When we try to head back the way we came, we find that we are trapped by a roadblock that wasn’t there before.
    • An overwhelmingly large force of Black Jack’s men (50 guys with rifles) appear.
      • They demand that we exit our vehicles and drop our weapons. We do.
      • Trixie convinces them to take her to their leader.
      • Session ends as Trixie is bound and hooded to be taken to Black Jack.
  • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
    • Battery Charger
    • Batteries x5
    • Binoculars
    • Bolt Cutters
    • Canned Goods x4 (8 TU)
    • Chemical Light Sticks x15
    • Cigarette Lighter x6
    • Compass
    • Digital Camera x5
    • Duct Tape x3
    • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Electrical Parts x40 (40 TU)
    • Electrical Tool Kit
    • Gasoline x159 (159 TU, deposited w/ UF)
    • Mechanical Parts x43 (43 TU)
    • Rope 150’
    • Shell Casings(9mm) x5
  • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-16 to 2017-07-17
    XP Earned: ?
    Total Campaign XP: 5370+?



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