They Came from Beyond

7th Session: 4th Scavenging Assignment

Campaign Dates: 2017-07-14 to 2017-07-15

  • Campaign Date: 2017-07-14
  • We attempt to use Diplomacy on the prisoner, but it only gets him to unfriendly.
  • Intimidate works, however.
    • The innmates come and go through the west entrance.
      • West entrance is at the center of the western fence line.
      • Vehicle traffice generally goes through the gate there.
        • This is where they brought the artillary piece.
          • It is now near the south-center fence line.
  • Most prisoners live in the SW corner, in a complex of buildings.
    • There is, basically, a gauntlet of fencing between the west entrance, the living quarters, and the artillary piece.
  • The guards at the gate know everyone on sight.
  • We tie up, blindfold, & gag the prisoner and keep him in the back of the truck.
  • We want to scout out the artillery piece before we decided on a plan of attack.
    • Sammi-Joe says that she can scout for us.
      • We drive into the treeline off the south side of the prison.
      • Hannah-Sue & Randi mock-up a ghille suit for Sammi-Joe.
  • Sammi-Joe sneaks up to the fence.
    • The artillery piece is chained to a junked car, behind two chain-link fences.
    • There are no guards and the artillary piece does have a truck hitch built in.
  • Vincent makes two bolt cutters.
    • Six mechanical parts used of Vincent’s stash of 25. Vincent has 19 parts now.
    • We plan!
      • We will send Sammi-Jo and Eric up, under the cover of night, to cut through the fences.
      • Then Vincent with smash the truck through the fence and we will attempt to bolt the artillary piece to the truck and escape.
      • The horses will be placed much further away along our escape route.
  • We go!
    • We are able to get through the fence (with some damage to the truck) without an issue.
    • The chain is welded to the artillery piece and to the car’s axle.
    • We choose to cut the axle from the car, rather than try to cut the chain directly.
    • The prisoners (using torches) are approaching as we get everything done.
    • We leave, but not before kicking our prisoner out the back of the truck.
    • The horse-owners get on their horses and head overland to Camp Blanding.
    • The rest of the party drives away, only to be pursued by prisoners!
      • After a brief car chase/combat, Vincent is injured but the two pursuing vehicles are disabled and do not continue.
  • We meet up with everyone at Camp Blanding and trade the artillary piece for Mike Williams.
    • Meanwhile, Randi has been left behind at a strip club.
    • We then head back to Gainesville!


  • After bringing back Mike Williams, we now have 160 TU credit with UF for the month.
  • Repairs!
    • Vincent restocks his personal supply of mechanical parts with six parts.
    • Vincent repairs Prof Pine’s broken gun with six mechanical parts.
    • Vincent repairs Cherry’s broken windows and damage with 24 mechanical parts.
      • 36 mechanical parts deducted from 75. 39 parts left.
  • Trading!
    • We have, for sale:
      • Shell Casings(.38) x10 (1 TU)
      • Ruger Service 6 x3 (21 TU)
      • Colt M1911 (8 TU)
      • Ammo(.38) x13 (13 TU)
      • Sports Pad Armor x 4 (24 TU)
      • Cleaver x4 (16 TU)
    • We pick up:
      • Ammo(9mm) x30 (30 TU)
      • Crossbow Bolts x4 (4 TU)
      • HK MP5 (13 TU)
        • This is for Doc Tanner
      • Flamethrower (14 TU)
      • Electrical Parts x11 (11 TU)
      • Mechancial Parts x11 (11 TU)
  • While trading for the HK MP5 and the Flamethrower, we meet Trixie, a local ex-black-market dealer, who has gone “legit” after the end of the world. We mention that we’re getting the Flamethrower for our next trip to Jacksonville and she says that she’d like to join us.
  • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
    • Battery Charger
    • Batteries x5
    • Binoculars
    • Bolt Cutters
    • Canned Goods x4 (8 TU)
    • Chemical Light Sticks x15
    • Cigarette Lighter x6
    • Compass
    • Digital Camera x5
    • Duct Tape x3
    • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Electrical Parts x45 (45 TU)
    • Electrical Tool Kit
    • Gasoline x214 (214 TU, deposited w/ UF)
    • Mechanical Parts x50 (50 TU)
    • Rope 150’
    • Shell Casings(9mm) x5
  • Everyone levels up to level 4!
  • Campaign Dates: 2017-07-14 to 2017-07-15
    XP Earned: ?
    Total Campaign XP: 5370+?



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