They Came from Beyond

3rd Session: 2nd Scavenging Assignment

Campaign Dates: 2017-06-23 to 2017-06-28

  • Campaign Date: 2017-06-23
    890 xp each

Day 7, 06-23:

  • We total the loot from the last trip:
    • Assignment Payment (100 TU)
    • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
    • Gasoline x56 (56 TU, deposited w/ UF)
    • Medicine, Mild x5 (5 TU)
    • Medicine, Moderate x2 (6 TU)
    • Electrical Parts x17 (17 TU)
    • Mechanical Parts x35 (35 TU)
    • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Parka
    • Windbreaker


  • Vincent installs a camper-top on Cherry.
    • Load: 60 / Parts DC: 15 / Parts Used: 4 / Craft DC: 20
  • Then he traps the camper-top.
    • Load: 10 / Parts DC: 20 / Parts Used: 3 / Craft DC: 15
  • Then he traps Cherry’s ignition.
    • Load: 10 / Parts DC: 20 / Parts Used: 3 / Craft DC: 15
      • Used parts from currently scavenged parts.
      • Mechanical Parts x25 (25 TU)


  • Rand & Vincent trade 8 gallons of gas for Fang, a guard dog.


2nd Assignment: Doppler Fetal Monitor

  • Curt Harbaugh has our next assignment.
    • Shands Hospital wants a Doppler Fetal Monitor.
      • UF will pay 80 TU for it.
      • The Mallrats might have one.
        • They’re a group of people who fought over the Mall, and then jointly took it over.
        • They are cult-like, but they have amassed a large pile of goods.
    • For this mission, all medical goods (including for the past mission) are worth double TU.
      • Rand checks with the Mallrats. They don’t have a Doppler Fetal Monitor.
      • Bob Flinders invites us over for an informal briefing.
        • ZZ area is full of stopped cars and no life.
          • You can’t drive in and horses make a lot of noise.
        • St. John’s River does pass through the city. A boat may be helpful.
        • Renting a boat in St Augustine may work.
          • St. Augustine is mostly run my ex-military, working out of Castillo De San Marcos.
        • Naval Base is in southern Jax.
  • We decide to leave the horses in Gainesville and all drive out to St. Augustine, where we will rent a boat to head to Jax.
  • We also trade 25 gallons of Gasoline for equal TU in Preserved Food.
  • We withdraw 10 gallons of Gasoline for the trip.
    • Gasoline x21 (21 TU, deposited w/ UF)

Day 1, 06-27:

  • When we arrive in Palatka, there is a biker gang blocking the bridge to St. Augustine.
    • They want some time with one of the women. Rand argues them down to a fight. They let us choose the weapon.
    • Eric steps up and chooses a fistfight.
      • Due to the bad-guy not having the right feat, Eric wins. His friends end up killing him when they try to treat his injuries. We drive on. Doctor Tanner heals Eric.
  • We arrive in St. Augustine. The bridge is guarded by the local militia.
    • We declare our peaceful intentions and they let us through.
    • The marina will rent us a boat, as long as we leave collateral, like a truck.
      • Upon return, they will charge us “two cans a day, plus gas”.
      • We are renting a “Bayliner 1802 Capri (runabout)”.
  • We head up to Jacksonville and “camp” in the middle of the river, near the Naval Hospital.
    • Watch:
      • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Eric & Dr. Pine
      • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Hannah-Sue
      • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Vincent
      • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Rand & Sammi-Jo

Day 2, 06-27:

  • We wake up and find two dinghies, so that we can anchor the boat far from shore and leave it there.
  • We take the dinghies to the shore and walk towards the hospital.
    • About halfway to the Hospital, we run across a group of six zombies. They shriek. We run.
    • We are able to make it back to the dinghies, and then back to the boat.
    • Shortly after we get to the boat, there are two more groups of zombies on the shore.
  • We head to St. Vincent’s Hospital.
    • By keeping the boat at a very slow speed (idle), the zombies don’t notice us.
    • We’ve brought the dinghies, so we anchor the boat far from shore and leave it there.
    • We take the dinghies to the shore and send Sammi-Jo ahead to scout.
      • She sees no zombies. We head in.
    • We head to OB/GYN.
      • They don’t have the monitor.
    • We head to Maternity.
      • Vincent & Dr. Pine find the Doppler Fetal Monitor.
      • We check outside, through the windows. We see some zombies, but they appear to not be interested in us.
    • We split up.
      • Hannah-Sue & Sammi-Jo head to the roof to keep watch, & study, the zombies.
      • Vincent searches.
      • Dr. Pine searches, helped by Rand & Eric.
  • Zombie Observations!
    • They move in groups of six. The groups ignore each other.
    • We see one zombie fall out of a building and two zombies behind it follow the same path out of the building and onto the ground, three floors below. The other three zombies stop and leave. Later a zombie team (of six) comes back and take the three fallen zombies (two dead, one severely injured) away.
    • They search very thoroughly, but not well. They are only seen taking food away.
    • At one point, one group shrieks and starts chasing a stray dog. Other teams looked, but did not join the chase.
  • Back at the hospital, Hannah-Sue sees a group of zombies entering the hospital.
    • We group up and manage to sneak out of the hospital while avoiding the zombies.
      • Loot!
        • Electrical Parts x29 (29 TU)
        • Medicine, Mild x14 (14 TU)
        • Medicine, Moderate x9 (27 TU)
        • Medicine, Powerful x1 (5 TU)
        • Medicine, Advanced x1 (10 TU)
  • We head to the Naval Air Station, which is on the way back to the Naval Hospital.
    • After two hours of searching, Dr. Tanner spots a group of zombies, possibly heading our way.
    • We hole up in a room, in case they move into the building, but they don’t.
    • We move out to the boat to make some walkies-talkies!
  • As we are loading the boat on the dock, Hannah-Sue flicks a flying Cthulhu slug off her arm.
    • We see a swarm of them approaching.
    • We dive into the boat’s cabin and lock it up.
    • We check ourselves for any other slugs. Hannah-Sue has some slime from them, which we sample.
    • After a minute, it becomes obvious that they are eating their way into the cabin.
    • Vincent & Dr. Pine rig up some Molotov cocktails, which luckily kill all the slugs.
      • We immediately leave the scene after preserving as many of the slugs as possible.
      • Loot!
        • Gasoline x342 (342 TU)
        • Mechanical Parts x190 (190 TU)
  • We arrive in St. Augustine.
    • There’s been no reaction to the mucus exposure that Hannah-Sue suffered.
    • We pay 60 gallons of Gasoline for the boat rental, cleaning supplies, and a cooler of ice for the samples.
      • Gasoline x282 (282 TU)
  • We head home, but not before making six Molotov cocktails.
    • Thanks to a Current Events check, we figure out that the best time to pass through Palatka is shortly before dawn, when all the raiders are generally still sleeping off their drunkenness.
    • We bunk out in St. Augustine and head out to pass through Palatka at the right time.

Day 3, 06-28:

  • We arrive in Gainesville without incident.
  • We total the loot for the past month:
    • Assignment Payments (180 TU)
    • Canned Goods x2 (4 TU)
    • Gasoline x303 (303 TU, deposited w/ UF)
    • Medicine, Mild x19 (19 TU)
    • Medicine, Moderate x11 (33 TU)
    • Medicine, Powerful x1 (5 TU)
    • Medicine, Advanced x1 (10 TU)
    • Electrical Parts x46 (46 TU)
    • Mechanical Parts x215 (25 TU)
    • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Parka
    • Windbreaker
  • To Do List:
    • Make/Buy Walkie-Talkies
    • Make/Buy Digital Camera, Video & Still, with Zoom
    • Make/Buy Binoculars



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