They Came from Beyond

13th Session: Finding the Cultists

Campaign Dates: 2017-07-20 to 2017-07-21

  • On the next day we investigate the cultist attack further.
    • The cultists killed three people on their way through the lab.
    • No one else (besides the cops) were hurt in the attack.
    • We decide to try to track them down.
    • From this point on, until things with the Cultists are resolved, we are going to stay together, to guard the Professor.
    • We also pick up the Yamaha Street Bike from where the cultist left it (game stats as a Harley Davidson FLSTF).
  • We do a Gather Information check on the Cultists.
    • We know they are to the east of Gainesville, somewhere around Hollister.
    • We know that they are very interested in acquiring communications gear (i.e. long-distance transceviers).
  • We brainstorm on our options.
    • Passive Options:
      • Guard Prof Pine as we go about our business and wait for the next cultist attack.
      • Upon taking them out, we can possibly interrogate them for more information.
    • Active Options:
      • We can try to fake membership in the group, but that would be difficult.
      • The Speaking Place is probably associated with a radio transmitter or the like. That might allow us to track it down.
  • We decide to try to make a pre-emptive strike upon the Speaking Place.
    • We do some research at UF and make a map of radio transmitter stations near Hollister.
    • There are four such places relatively near Hollister.
    • We let Kurt know about our plans and he has no problem with it.
    • We go purchase ammo, as we may be out for awhile.
      • We give Prof Pine the club and the taser.
      • We trade away 10mm rounds x7 (7 TU), a Colt Double Eagle (8 TU), Fatigues (3 TU), & Gasoline x40 (40 TU) for:
        • 9mm Bullets x40 (40 TU) → 9mm Bullets x36 after capping people off.
        • Crossbow Bolts x15 (15 TU)
        • Taser Charges x3 (3 TU)
  • We spend the rest of the 20th resting and getting ready for the next day’s excursions.


  • The plan is to drive towards a transmitter. About a mile away from it we will take the trucks off-road and hide them. We will then march up to a spot where we can do recon on the transmitter to see if someone lives there.
    • We plan on arriving at the first location around dawn.
    • We have the cultist’s walkie-talkie with us. Vincent is listening in on the cultist’s frequency, in the hopes that they use the same frequencey out here.
    • At the first stop:
      • We plan on Sammi-Jo scouting a 1/4 mile ahead, then coming back to get us.
      • When we all are 1/2 a mile away from the transmitter, the walkie-talkie starts receiving.
        • Vincent hears the sounds of a small compound waking up. Daily orders and the like.
          • They have “guests” to feed.
          • They have a night watchmen, who hasn’t seen anything. (He’s glad to be “coming down from here”.)
      • We send Eric up a tree to see what he can see.
        • He sees the transmitter tower, with a small watch platform on it. There is someone with binoculars on the tower.
        • It appears that the guard doesn’t see Eric.
        • Eric climbs down the tower and we plan what to do next.
  • Session ends here.
  • Current Inventory (stored in the Safehouse):
    • Battery Charger
    • Batteries x5
    • Binoculars, Standard x2 (4 TU)
    • Bolt Cutters
    • Canned Goods x4 (8 TU)
    • Chemical Light Sticks x15
    • Cigarette Lighter x6
    • Compass
    • Digital Camera x5
    • Duct Tape x3
    • Electric Generator (15 TU)
    • Electrical Parts x40 (40 TU)
    • Electrical Tool Kit
    • Gasoline x212 (212 TU, deposited w/ UF)
    • Light Undercover Shirt (10 TU)
    • Mechanical Parts x105 (105 TU)
    • Rope 150’
    • Shell Casings(9mm) x5
    • Walkie-Talkie, Professional (4 TU)



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