They Came from Beyond

10th Session: 5h Scavenging Assignment

Campaign Dates: 2017-07-17 to 2017-07-18

  • We are camping out in the top floor of the AT&T Tower.
  • There is a ten-story tall crystal within a few blocks of us.
    • Watch:
      • 1st Watch (Hour 1 & 2): Vincent
      • 2nd Watch (Hour 3 & 4): Trixie & Eric
      • 3rd Watch (Hour 5 & 6): Pine
      • 4th Watch (Hour 7 & 8): Tanner
  • About an hour into Vincent’s watch, the building starts to tremble.
    • Looking outside, he sees the streets are utterly packed with zombies, who appear to be heading into the building.
    • Their movement within the building is causing the trembling.
    • Vincent wakes up everyone else and we head to the roof, hoping to barricade off a last-stand.
    • The door to the roof is locked.
    • Vincent can’t pick the lock on his first try, but with Prof. Pine’s help, he can.
  • On the roof!
    • Vincent locks the door behind the group as the others look for the other doors to the roof.
    • There are three entrances onto the roof. All are now locked.
    • Vincent attempts to “barricade” the doors to the roof. He makes Craft (structural) checks, helped by everyone else.
      • Vincent spends an action point on each of his three checks and hopes the doors will hold out.
    • We wait at the doors, with guns and flamethrower ready….
      • The zombies get to the doors and beat on them, but give up after about 30 minutes of beating on the doors. They fail to get through.
    • After the half-hour, the zombies leave the building and spread out around it, searching the buildings around us.
      • Their activity does cause a small, nearby building to collapse.
    • We wait, in the hopes that they will disperse.


  • After six hours, the horde disperses.
  • We wait for one more hour, and then head down the AT&T Tower.
  • We try to escape the Zombie Zone.
    • With Sammi-Jo scouting, we want to head out of the Zombie Zone as fast as possible.
    • Sammi-Jo gets spotted while scouting, only a block away from the AT&T Hotel.
    • She tries to get away from them, but fails. Her fatigue keeps her from running.
  • Combat!
    • We head out of the lobby and towards the direction of where Sammi-Jo went.
    • As she moves back to us, we ready actions to attack the zombies.
    • The zombies arrive, but they don’t last long.
      • Also, our attack dogs are awesome!
  • Deciding that it’s too risky to send SammiJo out to scout, we all stick together and run for the edge of the Zombie Zone.
    • A few blocks along our route, Vincent finds a dirtbike that seems to be in running condition.
    • As we walk along with the dirtbike, Vincent get’s the idea to use it to distract the zombies away from the group. To use the dirtbike to “clear out” the patrols between us and the border of the Zomibe Zone.
  • Vincent heads off to execue the plan!
    • Vincent manages to distract the zombies as the group heads to the truck.
    • The group gets to the truck, which has had one break-in attempt. Luckily the trap(s) injured the thief and drove them off. The did write “You are likely to be eaten by a grue,” with their own blood.
  • We head to the edge of the warm zone and find a secure place to hole up. (A two-story house with an enclosed garage.)
    • It’s mid-morning by the time we get there.
    • Doc Tanner stays with Sammi-Jo while the other four go scavenging, with the intent of finding a truck.
    • We easily find a truck, but need more parts for the advanced parts check (Parts Check, DC 40).
    • We go scavenging for three hours, given that it will take ten hours to get the truck in working order.
      • Loot:
        • Gasoline x161 (161 TU)
        • Mechanical Parts x96 (96 TU)
  • Session ends with the group gathering together at the “safehouse”.



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